First Due Coffee Blend | An HMG Beverage Coffee Roast


Dedicated to the Firefighters out there who are always there when you need them. In firefighting, the first team on the scene is the “first-due” truck company. These teams are crucial to the success of those who come after them. They handle forcible entry, search and rescue, initial ventilation, laddering and more! That’s why this is a dark, smoky, heavy-bodied blend. It was created to give you a boost of energy, even when you’re not out fighting fires.


Want to sample the HMG Coffee Collection? Try them all with the HMG Coffee Sample Pack.

We started HMG Beverage to raise money for our community heroes while enjoying one of our favorite things on the planet, excellent coffee. Anytime you make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes back into the Heroes Community!

First Due Coffee Blend | An HMG Beverage Coffee Roast

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