We’re glad you’re here. You want to make a difference when you purchase our Gin and we dig it. That’s our whole vibe too. Do good while feeling good, am I right?

Our Story

Two years ago, a bunch of us were sitting around talking about the state of things. What was in our glass doesn’t really matter- we’ll get to that later. But we started to talk about our family members who we consider heroes. (Sorry gramma, yes you’re a hero but we’re talking about Cousin Sandy who is a ER nurse. Please keep the birthday cards coming with the $5 bills to us.)

These heroes in our community drive by us every day. They are next to us at stoplights. Picking up their kids at kidpool. They are picking up after their dogs (we told you- they are good people!). They then go into work as a nurse, firefighter, etc and level up their heroic efforts. They take care of our community, our friends, strangers. They stay late, missing out on hot dinners and home runs. They do it because they are good people. Things got deep as our glasses were topped off.

Along the way, Adam said, “we should really do something to thank our community Heroes.”

And that’s what brought you here, and we’re sure as heck glad for it. Anytime you make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds go back into the heroes community. Feels good, doesn’t it? We agree.


Distilled from 100% Grain

HMG Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Dark, Oaky, Woody Aroma, Perfectly Balanced

HMG Bourbon